A Farewell to our Beloved Artist Designs

Five years ago we were delighted to welcome fellow husband & wife team Alphabet Bags as our first official collaborator, who agreed to let us commission their designs for our stamps. The inspiration for starting our own artist series came from Swissmiss who pioneered the idea with her brand Tattly (unique temporary tattoos designed by professional artists and illustrators).

In 2016 we had the pleasure of being introduced to Seniman Calligraphy, who started out as our customer and eventually became the originator of what is now our infamous range of Botanical Wax Seals. The simple Olive Branch design inspired an entire genre of wax seals and year after year our collection grew as more and more artists decided to be a part of our journey.

It was such a wonderful time in our company’s history, and we are so honoured to have been able to support these independent artists and their work. Unfortunately, there has come a time where the market has became too saturated with each botanical wax seal being indistinguishable from the next. It is for this reason that we feel it is the right time to immortalise these stunning designs in Stamptitude’s history and to move onto pastures new.

Starting in the New Year of 2021, we will no longer be offering our ready made artist stamps for sale via our website. As a final hurrah to this momentous occasion we will be hosting a rare end of year sale to allow some of you a last chance to get your hands on them. In addition we will also be offering a limited edition collector's set, in which you can choose up to 7 different interchangeable stamp heads (limited time only).

What's next for Stamptitude?

Let's just say that 2021 promises to be a much brighter year, with the prospect of a COVID-free world on the horizon hopefully bringing lots of new exciting opportunities.

A special thanks to our artists for their incredible work over the years:

  • Seniman Calligraphy
  • Silbia Ro
  • Ettie Kim
  • Jisun Park
  • Veronica Halim
  • Jade Lee
  • Sarah Barrett
  • Martina Bianchi
  • Paige Tuzee

and more...


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