Fourth Generation of Stationers

We were rummaging through some old photos over the weekend and discovered this great shot of my wife's Grandfather in 1981. He was the owner of the third largest stationery company in Hong Kong at that time, which was handed down from his father before him who first started the business in 1951.

At just 27 years of age, his father became well-renowned for his Chinese calligraphy brushes which were made using advanced manufacturing techniques he had picked up while travelling to the mainland. This was at a time when Hong Kong was still under British rule. Thirty years later the company was handed down to his son who achieved continued success through the expansion of their product offering to include board games and printed goods.

 A photo of the foil blocking machine from the second gen factory, when it was at the height of production.

Sadly after 50 years of trading, the new millennium gave rise to a growing number of internet companies whose competition forced them to eventually close.

In a way I guess this makes us the Fourth generation of stationers, and even though our company is not a continuation of the original family business it's nice to know that there is a common thread that runs throughout the history of the family.

This is our Co-Founder (my wife) on the left when she was 2 years old posing in her grandfather's warehouse vs. Our daughter now at 2 years old helping out with order fulfilment at Stamptitude :D

Here's hoping that we can continue these traditions throughout future generations to come.

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