Stamptitude is a husband & wife company based in Hong Kong.
We are a leading supplier of Custom Wax Seals.

Whether you’re a designer, business owner or a craft enthusiast, you’ll no doubt know that the devil is in the detail. We too believe that presentation is everything, which is why we supply only the best tools for creating the perfect impression.

We combined the word ‘Stamp’ with the word ‘Aptitude’ as our way of letting everybody know that Stamps are our thing, it’s what we do best. Simple enough concept, just not so simple to pronounce.

Our Studio


Humble in size, grand in ambition

Everything from custom support to engraving, assembly and packing is all done in our 1300 sq.ft studio workshop.
We are a family-owned business who take great care in providing an unrivalled service to our customers at a sincere price point.
Our passion for design and attention to detail is well-respected internationally, and we are fortunate
to have worked with some of the world's most prominent organizations

We have worked with more than 4,500 businesses & organizations
in over 100 countries worldwide




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