Ensure that the surface of your stamp is cool to the touch and clean of any dust or watermarks. You will also want to prepare some test materials such as envelopes or a sheet of paper.

Getting Started:

Step One: Place the tip of the wax stick onto a metal spoon and heat gently from below using a candle.

Note - Our wax sticks are wickless by design. The use of a direct flame or traditional wicked wax will result in an undesirable amount of charring and will inevitably stain the wax black.

Step Two: Trace the outline of your stamp in pencil and pour just enough wax so that it fills the entire circle. Be sure to have your wax stamp ready at this point.

Step Three: Press your stamp firmly into the wax and hold for 10-15 seconds. It is important that you do not attempt to lift the stamp prematurely during this period.

Step Four: Once the wax has cooled you will be able to lift the stamp out cleanly with very little effort. If there is any resistance then that means the wax is not yet dry.

Step Five: Sit back and admire your efforts

If at any point the stamp becomes stuck to the wax DO NOT attempt to remove it by force. Simply melt some more wax and stamp on top of it, making sure to leave sufficient time for it to cool before trying again.

To save time you may use some ice to cool the stamp between seals. Remember to wipe any excess moisture with a dry cloth before proceeding to press it into the wax.



Below are some examples of various different wax sealing methods. The most convenient is the Glue Gun Sealing method, but for maximum enjoyment you should try the spoon method. If you do not have the necessary tools then you may purchase our purpose-made Melting Kit 

The 'laying down the foundations' method

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The 'one squirt and it's done' method

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The 'I don't need no spoon' method

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The 'heating a full bowl of wax' method

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The 'client deadline' method

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The 'most satisfying to watch' method