Using an Ice Stamp to create your own Branded Cocktails

Anybody who has ever used ice to cool their wax seals will have come across this phenomenon mostly by accident. It turns out you can use any regular wax seal stamp to brand your own cocktails. No additional equipment is required and there is no need to heat the stamp beforehand, just press it into the ice and the job's a good'n.

We recommend you give it a try!

📸 courtesy of

However, if you want the impression to last more than a couple of seconds before melting then you will need a little help from the specialists. The first major difference with Ice Stamps is that the artwork needs to be inverted. This is so that the impression will be debossed into the ice as opposed to embossed like it is in wax.

The second is that you need to have a much deeper engraving, at least twice the depth of a wax seal. The one we made for @seattlefoodgeek required 4 individual passes, and there were a couple more we made recently which required 6 engraving passes and took almost an hour each to complete (hence the premium price tag).

📸 courtesy of Scott Heimendinger a.k.a

For us this magnificent work of art epitomises 'attention to detail'. You may think "well, what's the point if it's just going to melt anyway?!". That is EXACTLY the point. It's the smallest of details that make the biggest of differences, no matter how pretentious they may seem. A sincere effort to make a genuine impression will never go unnoticed. 

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