New Super Shiny stamp heads

Over the last 6 years we have made many incremental changes (sometimes unannounced) in a constant effort to provide even better wax seal products to our customers. Whether you have been around long enough to notice these changes or not, we always try to do it in a way that won't impact the overall affordability of the products that you have come to know and love. However, no product is ever perfect and we are constantly looking to improve even further.

In 2017 we modernised the shape of our brass stamp heads and added 2mm of thickness to allow us to engrave our new 3D designs at a greater depth. After rigorous testing we then made the conscious decision to individually polish the surface of each brass stamp head for no reason other than to make it look pretty.

Then, to start the year off in 2018 we announced that all our 'classic' wood handles would be replaced with responsibly sourced FSC beech wood. This for us was the most exciting change as it helped spark our constant mission for self improvement.

Ceramic Titanium

We are now proud to announce that a new update is in effect for all our wax seal stamps for 2019. Instead of applying what is essentially a regular household polish to the surface of the stamp, we have now implemented a super high-tech process which involves infusing the atoms of the brass with a ceramic Titanium that is vaporized and deposited in a high vacuum environment. It is the same process that is used in both medical implants and in the aerospace industry. What's even more fascinating is that it has zero environmental impact, i.e no discharges of toxic chemicals and no wastewater which could potentially be leached back into the ocean.

The result of this process is an ultra fine layer which increases the hardness, thermal stability and wear resistance of the material as well as helping to inhibit the oxidation process. However, rather than bore you with any more of the technical details we'll just let the product do the talking.

We hope you'll agree that the level of shininess is now of colossal proportions and is also stupendously handsome to look at. To address the inevitable concerns of the purists amongst you, the material has not changed it is still machined from a solid billet of brass. The only visible difference is that the surface of the material will stay shinier for longer.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank each and every one of our customers, as it is only with your continued support that we are able to invest so heavily in the development of our products.

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