Looking Back: Stamptitude's Most Memorable Wax Seal Designs

As Stamptitude approaches our 10 year anniversary, we've been reminiscing on some of the designs that played a defining role in the Wax Seal's modern renaissance over the past decade.

In 2016 we were thrilled to collaborate with fellow husband & wife team Alphabet Bags, who helped commission our first official artist collaboration series of wax seals. This inspired the development of our Artist Collection, which introduced new styles through our cooperation with a variety of talented creatives.

One such artist who shaped our brand's trajectory was Seniman Calligraphy, with her simple yet elegant Olive Branch design. This humble motif sparked an entire genre of botanical-inspired seals which remain ever popular today.

Over the years, numerous gifted illustrators contributed their unique designs which expanded our offerings. From Silbia Ro's Sage Sprig to Sarah Barrett's Carnation, whose stunning works brought joy to wax seal enthusiasts worldwide.

While we retired the licensed Artist Collection in 2021, those seminal designs hold a special place in our history. As the Art of Wax Sealing continues to flourish into its second decade of revival, we've been reminiscing on bringing back a 'Heritage' series of designs featuring reworked versions of some all-time community favorites.

We are forever grateful to our talented artists for their visionary early contributions and wish to honor their legacy with special future releases.

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