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Stamptitude was born out of frustration. We searched high and low to find half decent Wax Seals online but were constantly met with dreary, uninspiring websites. This was back in 2013 when the Wax Seal industry was a barren wasteland. All the companies at that time were terribly old fashioned and out of touch with the modern market.
When we started Stamptitude our goal was to revitalise a stale industry and help inspire change. Fast forward 5 years and the industry is now a thriving ecosystem rife with innovation and creativity.
Our only mission from here on out is to continue to create products that we love and to have some fun along the way!

Humble Beginnings

The founding story (Full length version, as told by our CoFounder)
“The story of Stamptitude begins in the UK where my wife and I first met in high school. We graduated from University together and I got my first job working as a Graphic Designer for a creative agency. After one year I decided to quit my job and move to Hong Kong in search of new horizons. At the time I had been inspired by Johnny Cupcakes to design my own t-shirts which I printed on a handmade press that was built with my father in our family’s garage. The t-shirts were goofy and nobody else really liked them apart from me.
It wasn’t until one day that a stranger on Instagram took note of the hand-stamped swing tags that were inside the t-shirts, and asked where he could get one made. That same night my wife came up with the idea of selling our own stamps and we put together a rough idea for a website. The following morning we woke up to our first order and knew we were onto something!
Our first order was slowly followed by the second and after 6 months of hard graft we managed to secure our 150th order, all through word-of-mouth. We registered Stamptitude as an official company in 2014 and in the same year welcomed our daughter Milly into the world. Our 500 sq.ft apartment had become more and more like a warehouse and so we decided to move all our operations into a dedicated studio space. From there we hired a family member as our first employee and unveiled a major rebranding.

A Major Turning Point

It was from this point that things started to become real. A few months later we moved to an even bigger studio space with enough room to foster the growth of a team of up to 10 employees. Fast forward to 2018 and our products are now stocked in almost 30 retail stores around the world, including Liberty London.
We had never imagined that one day we’d be able to support a family and a team of employees by doing what we love. Every day we are reminded of the generous support from our customers through their heartwarming reviews and kind words of encouragement. Our only mission from here on out is to continue to create products that we love and to have some fun along the way! If we can inspire and make a positive impact on at least one person in the process then that is what will ultimately drive us to be happy and to succeed.”
The most heartfelt comment we have ever received!

Sincerely, Oli

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