How a Humble Stamp Became the Hospitality Industry's go-to Ice Branding Tool

What started as a humble wax seal stamp has grown over the past decade into a widely adopted branding tool for bars and restaurants alike.

It began in March 2015 when our popular wax stamp garnered requests from crafters for a larger size, prompting the release of our 1½ inch "Custom Deluxe Seal."[1] Quickly, bakeries discovered its potential not just for wax but for chocolate monograms and cake decorating. Parallel to this, early adopters within the bar industry had discovered the excellent thermal properties of the brass stamp and its ability to create crisp imprints onto clear ice - a discovery which gave rise to today's "ice branding" phenomenon.

In Spring 2016, we noticed an increased interest from home bartenders and launched an improved prototype inspired by the shape of a Coffee Tamper. That same year, the New York Times published a groundbreaking article titled 'Bartender, There's a Logo in My Drink' [2], profiling several acclaimed bars that were using custom stamps to brand their cocktails, including Dante's in New York.

Not content with the knowledge that regular brass can contain potentially harmful amounts of lead [3], we continued to develop our Deluxe Ice Stamp as the first and only to implement a lead-free brass alloy for greater peace of mind. This more costly material upgrade was important given the stamp's growing culinary applications.

Fast forward to today, our commitment to innovation and focus on quality is paramount to industry-leading companies who choose to entrust us with their projects.

If you are looking to take your in-glass experience to the next level, send us a message and our team will be more than happy to assist. For more info, click through to our award-winning Custom Ice Branding solutions below:




2. preceding the Forbes article posted in 2017


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