Letter Writing Gifts to Send while Social Distancing

Staying connected is especially important during these times of isolation and uncertainty. We may not be able to physically connect with one another, but there are forms of written communication that can provide an emotional connection and help fill the void that has been created by lack of real-world interaction.

With that in mind, we've compiled a short list of ideas that can be used as gifts for either yourself or a loved one during the Covid-19 quarantine, lockdown, social distancing etc.

Poetry By Post

A meaningful encounter with poetry, delivered each month through the romance of written word. Offered as a monthly subscription by our friends and stockist at Postscript Press

London Letters Club

Whether you're already a letter-writing lover or like the idea of it but can never seem to find the time, our friends and stockist at Quill London would love for you to become a part of their global community of letter writers with this handy welcome pack.

Year of Gratitude

Take a moment to truly look at your life—the people you love, the place you call home, each little joy, gift, and opportunity. This kit invites you to make room for gratitude in your life, with one thank you card to send each week - UrbanicPaper.com

Letters to the President

Make your voice heard. This book of letters lets anyone (or a group of people) reach out to their elected officials—president, senators, mayor, etc.—with the help of 12 lightly prompted letters. Letter-writers simply tear out each letter, write their message, seal with enclosed stickers, attach a postage stamp, and send. Available at ShopPennyPost.com


Grace a loved one's mailbox with a tangible piece of correspondence they can treasure and hold forever. This thoughtfully presented keepsake gift can be ordered directly via our website. For more details visit Stamptagram


Modern Calligraphy Kits

If you're simply looking to write a letter, there are many resources and kits available that will help you to brush up on those all important letter writing skills.

Premium Modern Calligraphy Kit by Calligrafun.com

Luxury Modern Calligraphy Kit by Tom's Studio

Calligraphy Worksheet by House of Modern Letters

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