Faster shipping: Our new normal

2020 has been a rough ride for humanity, but amongst all the negativity we've happened upon something quite unimaginable. A happy accident, if you will.

Our shipping costs have increased, but our service has improved tenfold.

How did this happen?

Since 2013 we've prided ourselves on being able to offer affordable shipping. Those who have ordered from us in the past will be familiar with our Standard International Shipping option which started from just $5 USD. Yes, you read that correctly. $5 to ship your package halfway across the globe from here in Hong Kong.

You would be forgiven for thinking that inexpensive equals slow, but for the last half a decade our customers have been consistently receiving orders within an average of 1-2 weeks, with tracking!

This method however is not without its flaws.

Yes, it was incredibly affordable but delivery to less prominent locations was somewhat unreliable. We would often receive reviews that praised the quality of our products but were let down by the shipping.


Fast forward to today

Due to the current pandemic you will no longer be able to select this option.

We now conduct shipping solely via FedEx and DHL. This is something we had been eager to adopt, and with the current situation we were afforded the opportunity to do so. While this change was originally brought about by necessity (since social distancing measures meant that local postal services were being temporarily suspended), we were somewhat prepared for such an eventuality and have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

What once used to cost our customers an additional $30-$35 for express shipping now costs $15-$20 thanks to our discounted bulk rates. When you consider that our parcels travel tens of thousands of miles and take only 2-3 days to arrive via signed-for delivery, it is a small price to pay for efficiency and peace of mind.


The crux of the matter

Upon first glance our shipping prices are not as attractive as they once were admittedly, but what we have gained in return is an outpouring of overwhelmingly positive reviews that are for once praising our turnaround and not just the quality of our products. This is extremely important to us as an established and trusted brand. We know that our customers choose us for our superior quality and service and so we are happy to continue offering our express shipping service as our 'new normal' for the foreseeable future.

It is impossible to say for sure whether this arrangement will endure the ever-changing climate, but we'll leave you with the following feedback that gave us the confidence to embrace such a bold change.

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