Image Guidelines



↓ 25mm Round Template .ai
↓ 30mm Round Template .ai
↓ 40mm Round Template .ai


Check the size of the product in the description and download the appropriate file above.

After you have placed your order we will send you a proof to confirm that the attached image is exactly as supplied. Once the artwork file has been approved we will begin the preparation process for engraving your image.

All .ai template files are saved in legacy format (Illustrator 8). We have access to most of the latest versions of Adobe, however saving files in legacy format will often help to avoid any issues with compatibility.

For reference, the BLACK areas of your image will be the engraving
i.e the parts of the wax that are raised when stamped.

Your artwork should adhere to the following guidelines:
- High resolution, vector-based graphics
- Single colour, print-ready file
- Avoid drop shadows or gradients
- Text should be no less than 6pt
- Minimum stroke width of at least 0.5pt
- Keep workable area to scale
- Convert text to shapes (tutorial)
- Leave locked guides visible
*It is not necessary to flip your image. How it looks in your file will be how it looks on paper

For Multi-layer engraving we require a maximum of 2-3 layers. These layers will be separated into different levels of shading and engraved at different depths as shown below:

If you do not have access to Adobe Creative Suite software, please email us with your available file formats and we will happily take a look.
OR see below

Have a Scanned Drawing?


We can convert it into vector artwork for you!  Anything from a signature to a simple sketch. You may also wish to use this service if your image does not quite meet the requirements above. Please bear in mind that this should only be used as a last resort. We would always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to design-related work.

Please, no word documents or anything made in windows paint.
We're good, but we are also not magicians.