Introducing: Batch Numbers

Our Premium Sealing Wax sticks are known for their unique metallic coating and smooth matte finish. Each colour is hand mixed based on a specific Pantone® reference and a metallic substrate is added in careful measures to create a perfect golden sheen.

One disadvantage of adding a metallic substrate is that it can greatly impact the finished colour, however this is a compromise that we willingly make in preference over non-metallic waxes which tend to have more of a lacklustre appearance.

Since our sealing waxes are produced in relatively small quantities, we fully acknowledge that a slight variation in colour may occur from one batch to another. Understandably this has raised concerns with some of our customers and so we would like to openly address the issue.

As a company we fully embrace these imperfections as they are the true markings of a labour intensive production method. Rather than trying to conform to the expectations of a mass market product (which ours is most certainly not), we have decided to implement a simple labelling system that will make each colour easier to identify.

Like most small batch products it is almost impossible for us to achieve the exact same results across individual batches using our hand-mixed method, and so all future packs of Premium Sealing Wax will now come complete with an individual batch number. It is important to note that the batch number itself is not an indication of the total amount of batches produced since there are also product codes contained within the number.

What does this mean for you as the customer?

Well, the product remains the same. It has not changed we have just made it easier to identify. So let's say you are visiting a local stockist and are looking to reorder a specific colour. You will now be able to identify colours from the same batch by referencing our easily distinguishable, handwritten labels.

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