The Glue Gun Method for Wax Sealing

Making Wax Seals in Bulk

We've teamed up with Shayda Campbell to bring you this super informative video tutorial for how to make wax seals in bulk. By using the same method as described above with the addition of a silicone baking tray and some adhesive backings, you can save yourself the hassle of creating your seals one by one. Please note: this method is meant for those occasions where you have 100 or more invites to seal and are working to a deadline. For all other occasions it is much more fun and rewarding to melt it the traditional way.

Glue Gun Sealing Kit is available to purchase via our website -

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  • Lisa

    So exciting that there are now sticks to go into a glue gun! Love seeing Shayda here! I follow her watercolor channel!

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