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We have decided to dedicate this year's 'Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday' campaign to underprivileged children through the act of Gift Giving.

Last year we managed to raise enough money to protect 123 acres of Rainforest. This year our aim will be to give something much more than just a monetary donation.

Starting Monday 27th at Midnight (EST) we will be offering Free Standard International Shipping via our website for a period of 24 hours. We will then match the amount of money that our customers saved on shipping by deducting it from our own profits generated by the campaign.

These profits will be used to purchase kid's coloring supplies such as Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Sticker Books and Coloring Books. The idea is to fill as many boxes full of goodies as we can and then donate them to the local Children's charities who work with underprivileged kids.

Our daughter is fortunate enough to have all the art supplies she could possibly ever want or need. There are some children however that do not have this privilege. There are also many children who never get to receive gifts at Christmas time, so with your help we would like to change this.

All you need to do is enter the code above at checkout to redeem your Free Standard International Shipping. We will handle the rest!

Free Shipping is a well-known sales tactic that is used to encourage online spending. We have chosen to adopt this method for our campaign in order to turn it into something with a more positive value. The more orders we get within the 24 hours the more money we will be able to donate. It is a win-win for everybody involved.

As always, Thank You for your support.


Update (4th Dec 2017):

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Thanks to your support we managed to raise enough money to purchase 50 sets of supplies which we then donated to a local children's charity here in Hong Kong.

Not content on supporting the large stationery chains, we made an intentional trip to one of the local independent stationery stores that has been in operation since the 80s. We had a total budget of $4,651, which meant we could spend about $93 per box.

Each box contained the following items:

- Colouring Books
- Crayons
- Pens
- Pencils
- Eraser
- Colouring Pencils
- Rubber Stamps
- Watercolour Sets
- Stickers

All the things that our own daughter takes for granted.


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