How to Create Clear Ice with your Logo

First you'll need our Clear Ice Embosser, the perfect custom barware tool to enhance your cocktail-making experience.

The embosser is a larger, tabletop companion to the Ice Stamp, which has been favored internationally by leading drinks companies, distilleries and hotels.

Creating clear ice with your logo is as easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4?

STEP ONE Add some pinstripes to the sides of your Clear Ice (completely optional and somewhat gratuitous, but a worthwhile detail)

STEP TWO Next, place your clear ice cube onto the main face of the embosser where your logo has been conveniently custom engraved by our specialists

STEP THREE As if by magic, lift the ice to reveal your handsomely embellished creation. Branded within seconds and without the need for any additional equipment. 

STEP FOUR? Not really an official step of the ice branding process, but how could we show the ice without it being bathed in your choice of liquid gold!


As always an enormous thanks to Miguel @holycityhandcraft for his exceptional pouring technique, as demonstrated by his unmatched videography skills.

Below are some real examples from our customers and modest list of clients:

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