Custom Seal Embosser
Custom Logo Embosser
Custom Seal Embosser
Custom Seal Embosser
Custom Seal Embosser
$50 USD

Custom Seal Embosser

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Seal Embossing Stamp - Stainless Steel, compact design. Perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to wedding invites, personal branding, corporate stationery, envelopes / return addresses and foil seals. Not to be used for legal purposes i.e Notary seals or College certificates

Includes a set of custom engraved *Solid Brass dies - 40mm (1.5 inch) diameter. Only to be used on paper stock up to 140gsm. Consider opting for our Heavy Duty Embosser if you wish to stamp up to 300gsm.

*For detailed designs a Delrin (acetal resin) substitute may be used to achieve the best results

Maximum reach of 40mm (1.5 inch) from the edge of the paper to the center of the die.
Can be folded away neatly when not in use.


It is important that you choose the correct position based on the direction in which you will be using your embosser, as this cannot be changed afterwards.

Please read our Image Guidelines before placing an order

Disclaimer: The optimal weight for general embossing is 80-120gsm, which is standard for most envelopes & letterheads. Our Handheld embossers are capable of up to 140gsm depending on the type of paper and also the complexity of your artwork. The simpler the design, the cleaner the impression. Please contact us if you're unsure

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