The process of creating Wax Seals is relatively straightforward. All you will need to begin with is a stamp and some wax.

We have a separate tutorial for each of the 3 wax types:

Sealing Wax (Candle & Spoon method)

Place the tip of the wax stick onto a metal spoon and heat gently from below using a candle. Note: Our wax sticks are wickless by design. The use of a direct flame or traditional wicked wax will result in an undesirable amount of charring and will inevitably stain the wax black.

Glue Gun method (SEALING IN BULK)

Wax Pebbles (1:1)

With traditional ’wax beads’ it can be difficult to judge how many pieces you need to make one seal, but with our Wax Pebbles the amount is 1:1 meaning that one pebble is enough to make one seal. If you purchased these together with our Melting Kit you will have also received our purpose-made melting spoon (above).