$30 USD

Cookie Wax Seal

Use this Wax Seal Stamp to create the most deliciously 'inedible' wax cookies. By placing a layer of white wax between two black layers you can recreate the look of the infamous cream-filled snacks. Alternatively if you're not into fooling your friends with fake confectionery, you can simply use the top layer to seal your correspondence and send it out to a couple of sweet-toothed recipients.

If you want to create an edible version you can use Chocolate! Melting chocolate works just the same as when you melt wax and the end result is delicious!

Try our Butterscotch Wax for a blonde version

A single stick of sealing wax is included
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Michele S.
United States
Thrilled with my purchase of the large "cookie" seal

I was surprised at how big the seal is and wondered if I had a melting spoon big enough to melt enough wax at once for the seal. I was able to melt enough. But I don't plan to use any wicked wax sticks for this seal, as I fear that with the wax melting so slowly, that parts of it would harden before I could get enough wax down for the large seal. After my purchase, I saw that you are now also offering a smaller version of the seal. I might decide to get that one too! I like the design VERY much!

Jane C.
United States
Love it!

The limited edition size cookie. Is big, so beautiful! It’s a statement piece when not in use. Hope you’ll do more limited edition sizes. They’re so fun!