The Wax Seal Revolution

There is a new trend emerging, started by the likes of @moyagraphy and @rippels_paperlover which we've aptly coined the #waxsealrevolution

It involves taking a blank wax seal and using creative DIY methods for filling in the blank wax. A couple of weeks ago @rippels_paperlover posted this groundbreaking new video on Instagram:

The idea of embalming real flowers in wax is something which (to our knowledge) has never been done before. Having been inspired by the originality of the idea, we decided to do some experimenting of our own. This is what we came up with...

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It's a simple idea using some very basic materials, but it just goes to show what can be achieved by thinking a little outside the box.

Our main reason for starting this company almost 5 years ago was to try and breathe a bit of life back into what was at the time a very stale industry. Through continuous innovation and modernisation we are now beginning to see the true impact of society's newfound love for the once ubiquitous wax seal.

It's safe to say that the 'wax seal rebirth' is now officially in full swing and it is astonishing to see just how many amazing and creative ways in which people are starting to use their wax seals.

In honour of this new movement we would like to encourage everyone to get out there and give it a try for themselves. You'll be surprised at just how satisfying it is!

Make sure to TAG your wax seal experiments with #waxsealrevolution on Instagram to be in with the chance to win some Stamptitude goodies.

Here are some of the best ones that have been submitted so far:

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More videos are being uploaded every single day so we'll try our best to update this list as more and more ideas are being submitted.

The most important is to just have some fun with it!

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