Multi Layer Engraving for Wax Seals

What's the first thing you notice about this particular wax seal? If it looks a bit 3D to you, that's because each major part has been engraved at 3 individual depths.

As amazing as this is, it's actually not a new technique. Over the years we've had many customers supply artwork files containing overlapping elements. If we were to engrave them all on one plane then everything would just merge together and look very unpleasant. So sometimes what we do is we separate each element and put them on an individual engrave layer.

In the above photo you can see what happens when we put the wax seal up to the light. The different shades become much more apparent and looks more like how a flower is supposed to look with its multi-layer petal structure.

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Other companies might charge extra for creating different layers, but we like to include it as part of our professional service 👍🏼 As long as the number of layers is kept to a maximum of 3-4 we should be able work with your image.

Why not send us your artwork file. One of our specialists will be happy to take a look. Just email

OR  you can choose one of our Motif designs that have the option of 'Single Layer' and 'Multi Layer':

 Honey Bee Origami

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