Heirloom: A Vintage-Inspired Wax Seal

The ‘Heirloom’ is a brand new, all-brass stamp that has taken us over a year to develop. It is a culmination of our hard work and dedication to the Wax Seal industry over the past 6 years. Everything we have learned has been applied to this product.

We had originally intended for this product to be an alternative to some of the more cheaply-made, mass market products that you see littering the shelves of Walmart and Hobby Lobby, since it is these products that are often someone's first introduction to the craft. Being the purists that we are, we naïvely thought that we could apply our same standard of quality and be able to try and match their insanely low prices. What we quickly began to realize was that we are incapable of making cheap products, since it would have meant lowering our standards and this is not something we are easily prepared to do.

In order to produce a cheap product, you have to be prepared to either substitute premium materials for cheaper ones or implement faster, more efficient manufacturing processes. For example, you could cast liquid metal into a mould instead of machining it from one solid piece. This could have multiple benefits in terms of cost, but an equal amount of trade-offs in terms of quality.

Producing multiple casts at a time could speed up the process but would also expose the metal to various inconsistencies such as air bubbles which would affect the overall integrity and longevity of the stamp. It would also remove the need to engrave the designs individually since these can be incorporated into the moulding process, killing two birds with one stone.

Both of these methods are the polar opposite to what we would choose, and so instead of our original plan to compete with the mass market, we did what we always do and created a product we'd be happy buying as a gift to ourselves.

The result is a stamp that is made from a solid billet of brass and that is engraved by our in-house specialists. This added level of care and attention to detail does come at an added premium, but it is our hope that the Heirloom will be enjoyed by many for generations to come (hence the name).


Design & development

 The concept was inspired by the post-war era. Everything from the verbosely worded packaging to the iconic shape has been resurrected from an age when Wax Seals were made to last a lifetime.



Testing & Feedback



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