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As Stamptitude celebrates its 5th year, we take a moment to reflect on the Wax Seal industry and how it has changed so dramatically within a relatively short period of time.

A Brief History of the Wax Seal

The Wax Seal has been highly regarded as a quality instrument for written correspondence since its inception in the Middle Ages. Despite its provocative history, the Art of Wax Sealing had all but died out towards the end of the 20th Century. This was partly due to the rise in cheaply-produced, mass market Wax Seals which had become nothing more than a novelty item. Today the Wax Seal is entering its renaissance period and history is already at risk of repeating itself, therefore it is now more important than ever to maintain the quality and tradition of the Wax Seal while continuing its transition into the modern era.

In the last 6 months we have seen a huge rise in the number of online sellers looking to capitalise and make a quick buck off of this ‘emerging trend’ known as Wax Seals, so here is some consumer advice on what to look out for.

Note: If it is cheap-thrills you're looking for then the following advice may not be relevant.


What to Look Out for

When people are out shopping you often hear the phrase "why would I buy this here when I can get it cheaper elsewhere?". Well, often times the product may look the same but it could be of a completely different level of quality. For example, the strength of the components from the screw fitting to the composition of the raw materials. These factors can have a significant impact on the overall usability and longevity of the stamp, not to mention the service that goes along with it. 

One of the best ways to spot a disingenuous seller is to observe their pricing strategy. If a company cannot offer value to its customers in terms of product quality and level of service then they will often resort to setting unrealistically low prices, which can sometimes be up to 50% cheaper than their nearest competitor. This type of business practice is detrimental to the survival of the industry as it forces other newcomers to cut corners and ultimately resort to stealing content in order to save time and beat the competition.


Do your research

Whenever you begin your search for a new Wax Seal product, we always recommend that you research the company and its background before making your purchase decision. It’s important that the information presented on their website is accurately reflected in your own independent search results relating to both the company and its founders. We apply this to our own approach when choosing which clients and suppliers we’d like to work with, and on the odd occasion we have been known to turn down business opportunities from clients that do not align with our values.

The bright-eyed among you will be aware that our products are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, and this is because when we first started in 2013 we wanted to make Custom Stamps accessible to everyone by bridging the gap between quality and value for money. We are not hard-nosed business people so pricing strategy has never been our main focus. This is why we rarely ever run any discounts or promotions, because we already set the retail price to be the lowest we can possibly afford. We are a group of design-focused people who try not to let profit margins hinder our ability to make awesome products.

The 'Made In China' stereotype

This leads us nicely onto the age-old ‘Made in China’ stereotype. Chinese products have gained a notorious reputation for being of a poor manufacturing quality. Whilst we agree that there have been many poorly produced products coming out of China in the last decade, there are now a rising number of incredible products by brands such as DJI which (if you didn't already know) is actually a Chinese company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Photo credit: www.dji.com

Here at Stamptitude we do not hide the fact that we are a Hong Kong company, in fact we are very proud of it. Both my wife and my daughter were born in this culturally vibrant city where East meets West. We take the time to focus on design and innovation and to ensure that the quality of our products meets our own high expectations. All our Self Adhesive Seals are made by hand and we do all our own in-house engraving. Everything from the weight of the brass to the material of our FSC Certified wood handles has been carefully considered.

In Conclusion

The modern-day consumer has awoken from the days of 'throwaway' clothing brands who steal artist’s designs and enforce slave labour. We have entered a new era whereby customers have come to appreciate the level of passion and attention to detail that goes into making a product. We believe that it is this same relentless pursuit of perfection that has helped our brand gain international recognition.

Of course there will always be the ones who jump on the bandwagon and try to shamelessly copy our approach, but as the famous saying goes: 

Often imitated, never replicated.

Living up to our name as the 'Wax Seal Specialists', we aim to continue on this wonderful journey as for us Wax Seals are about much more than just a ‘passing trend’. We have committed ourselves 100% to the preservation and advancement of the art of Wax Sealing.

Not convinced?

We have even gone as far as to set up our own association known as the Wax Seal Society, whose members (together with their combined experience and knowledge of the industry) aim to help preserve the Art of Wax Sealing for future generations to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our most heartfelt gratitude to all our customers that have supported us throughout the past 5 years as without their kind support we would not have made it to where we are today.

If you're interested to learn more about us then please check out our About page and feel free to follow us on instagram @stamptitude where we often share a behind-the-scenes look at our company and the driving force behind what we do

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I just deleted the cheap wax seals in my Amazon cart. Well written explanation on passion and quality. Thank you

Marjorie May 17, 2018

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